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Earthwork Construction Services

Breaking ground signifies the transition from design to construction. It is also when the Youngdahl project engineer is joined with our earthwork technical staff in a seamless progression as a project transitions into its construction phase. Construction operations further reveals the subsurface conditions and soil engineering properties initially observed during the design phase for the project site. During the course of these operations, our earthwork construction technical staff observe and document the earthwork procedures and can further refine and enhance the findings and recommendations made in our initial study should the observed site conditions warrant.  Our earthwork construction services include:

  • Observation & Testing of Site Preparation

  • Engineered Fill Placement, Observation & Testing

  • Utility & Trench Backfill Observation & Testing

  • Subgrade & Aggregate Base Compaction Testing

  • Borrow Source Evaluation

  • Chemical Stabilization

  • Foundation Excavation Observation

  • Levee/Dam Construction Testing & Observation (QA/QC)

  • Quality Control & Assurance Testing

  • Rockery Wall & MSE Wall Design & Observation

  • Road & Pavement Rehabilitation Observation

  • Slope & Hillside Construction & Stabilization

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