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SMUD Cosumnes Power Plant

Youngdahl Consulting Group, Inc. provided services for the Cosumnes Power Plant (CPP) and associated improvements. The project consisted of the construction of a new power plant approximately 1,000 feet south of the existing Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant, about 25 miles southeast of the City of Sacramento.

The Cosumnes Power Plant is a nominal 1000 MW combined cycle natural gas facility, with two combustion turbines, one condensing steam turbine, and two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). The CPP is served by an approximate 0.4 miles of new 230-kV transmission line connecting the on-site switchyard to the existing switchyard at the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant facility. Natural gas was supplied by extending a pipeline 26 miles from the Carson Ice-Gen Facility, in Sacramento County. Water provided to the project site originates from the American River through a new pipeline. An on-site package treatment plant provides domestic water.

Youngdahl’s scope of services during construction consisted of providing Quality Assurance and inspection services for all components of construction of SMUD’s new $610 Million power plant. Our technicians provided observation and oversite of all site construction actives, including oversight of contractor, Quality Control, testing and inspections.  Following construction of the plant Youngdahl’s services were extended by SMUD to include a detailed Geotechnical Investigation for the new Raw Water Treatment Plant at the site. We also were contracted to provide construction observation and testing of the new raw water line extended from Freeport beneath Interstate 5.

  • Provided Complete Quality Assurance Services for SMUD

  • Oversight of Quality Control Inspectors

  • Pile Fabrication and Placement

  • Excavation and trench Backfill

  • Rebar and Anchor Bolt installation

  • Concrete and Grout Placement

  • Steel Erection

  • Pipe Support and Installation

Project Details


Sacramento, CA, USA


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)


Geotechnical Engineering
Laboratory Testing
Materials Testing & Special Inspection

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