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Oak Street Parking Structure

Youngdahl Consulting Group, Inc. provided special inspection and construction management services for the City of Roseville’s new Oak Street Parking Facility.

The project was part of the continuing efforts to further revitalize the downtown area and accommodate the burgeoning city center. The Oak Street Parking Garage and relocation of Fire Station 1, was constructed in conjunction with the replacement of the aging City Hall Annex and new pedestrian bridges across Dry Creek. 


The new parking structure is located on Republican Alley at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Oak Street, northeast of the new roundabout. The 7-story structure is a 153,617 SF, type 1 concrete structure, and can house approximately 468 vehicles. The parking structure is a critical piece to the City’s infrastructure, aiding the flow of visitors to the sights and sounds of the vibrant new city center.


The contribution Youngdahl Consulting Group, Inc. made on the project was verifying the integrity of construction, start to finish. Our services began with the testing and observation of the foundation and the monitoring of grading operations, foundation excavation, utility trenching and backfill placement. 

Special inspection included: reinforcing steel, observation of concrete placement, and testing of placed concrete for the basement slab, columns and shear walls supporting the subsequent parking decks. Each of these subsequent decks and ramps have within them a post-tension system requiring thorough inspection and monitoring, including post-placement stressing operations. Our services also included inspection of all structural masonry walls.

Project Details


Roseville, CA, USA


City of Roseville


Earthwork Construction Services
Geotechnical Engineering
Laboratory Testing
Materials Testing & Special Inspection

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