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Broadstone Master Planned Community

Youngdahl Consulting Group, Inc. has been involved in the development of the Broadstone Master Planned community dating as far back as 1988.

Through the years Youngdahl has prepared a multitude of environmental reports (Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments), geologic, and geotechnical engineering studies for the infrastructure improvements as well as residential and commercial developments. As construction of the area progressed, Youngdahl provided a wide array of geotechnical consultation and testing services during the grading operations for construction of the building pads within the residential villages and commercial developments, and arterial and interior roadways. Youngdahl also provided the geotechnical testing services during construction of all underground utilities and top side improvements associated with the major infrastructure and villages, working with the inspection staff of the City of Folsom to document that the contractor’s work was performed in accordance with the City’s design and construction standards. During the development of several of the commercial centers, Youngdahl provided the geologic and geotechnical design reports for these developments and provided much of the geotechnical and special inspection services during their construction. Noteworthy commercial developments that Youngdahl has been involved with the design and construction of include; Broadstone Plaza, Broadstone Marketplace, Broadstone Crossing, Broadstone Pointe, and the Palladio at Broadstone.

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Folsom, CA, USA


Multiple Developers


Earthwork Construction Services
Geotechnical Engineering
Laboratory Testing
Materials Testing & Special Inspection

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