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IDIQ Quality Assurance Laboratory Services, Various Levee Projects

Youngdahl served as the Quality Assurance laboratory for the American River Common Features Pocket Geotechnical Project.

The USACE, Sacramento District was rehabilitating two sections of the levee along the left bank of the Sacramento River in the pocket area of the City of Sacramento.  Two reaches along the River, Reach 2 and Reach 9 were upgraded by the installation of slurry walls within the existing levee.  Youngdahl performed quality assurance (QA) testing to ensure that the permeability and unconfined compressive strength of the newly constructed slurry wall met the required hydraulic conductivity and unconfined compressive strength criteria.

In conjunction with the laboratory testing of slurry wall materials for conformance with the project specifications, Youngdahl also conducted laboratory testing of import and native soils for evaluation of material quality used for levee restoration following slurry wall installation.  We also provided earthwork testing and inspection on services during levee mass grading to ensure that the materials complied with the project specifications.  In conjunction with this project, we have provided on-going construction observation, testing and laboratory services for several other levee rehabilitation and flood control projects.

Youngdahl provided similar services for the USACE during the American and Sacramento River Strengthening Project which involved the reinforcement of over 5 miles of levee within the City of Sacramento.  Additional task orders were issued for field and laboratory quality assurance testing services for emergency flood repair and erosion control.  

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Sacramento, CA, USA


US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District


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